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Life is Beautiful – Seville, Spain

Watch out San Francisco, I may have left my heart in Seville, Spain! There are a million reasons to fall in love here. Winding labrynths with small ornate cafes and shops that lead to adorable central squares filled with hundreds of orange trees. The overly friendly Spanish people who are constantly smoking their cigars, sipping […]


Life Lessons from the Medina to the Atlas Mountains – Morocco

Ever since I was little my heart was drawn to visit Morocco. I think a large part of it was the chaos and liveliness of the medinas, but also the allure of the beautiful colors, textiles and escape into the exotic riads. I will say that Morocco certainly did not disappoint! We visited Marrakesh and […]

me fjords

Scandinavia – My Top Lessons Learned.

It’s been a pretty hectic past 15 days traveling from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway. It’s been an incredible trip. Truthfully, probably one of my favorites. While there were certainly places and adventures that stick out as unforgettable (dog sledding, the ice hotel, traveling to the fjords, and meeting Santa himself!), it’s always the lessons […]

ice hotel

A Very Merry Christmas from Rovaniemi, Finland!

Standing in line to officially meet Santa Claus I couldn’t help but feel joyful. My five year old self was smiling within, flooded with memories of when I used to believe that reindeer had indeed landed on my rooftop and that the jolly bearded Santa Claus would shoot down my chimney. I was in need […]


Stockholm, Sweden….let the adventure begin!

Stockholm. You remind me of an Ok Cupid date that I’m on the fence about. You’re good looking, extremely friendly, but all in all a bit bland for my taste. However, under the right circumstances I might take you up on your offer if you asked me out again. Will you be warmer next time? […]

Belgium and my top lessons I learned on my own personal honeymoon

My last stop on my own personal honeymoon brought me to Belgium…the land of beer, waffles, and mussels. I took the train to Paris and arrived at my Airbnb around 4pm. I was so excited to unpack once I saw how beautiful my master bedroom was in this magnificent bed and breakfast. The bedroom was […]


Je t’aime paris!

Sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to Marseille, the loudspeaker announces that I’ll be delayed five hours and to hold tight. The looks on people’s faces are melancholy to say the least with Christmas just the following day. Hours later they announce that the flight has been canceled and to pack up our […]

Feeling Love Locked – Seville, Spain

On my last day in Seville, I decided to pamper myself. It is my own personal honeymoon after all and I don’t want to neglect time for rest and relaxation. I booked a massage and time in the baths at Aire de Seville, which in fact should just be called Heaven on Earth.  I booked […]

Don’t You Want Moore? – Granada, Spain

The sun still set and the alleyways of Seville still sleeping, I gathered my things and headed towards the train station to catch a ride to Granada. It was a three hour drive, but to be honest I slept for most of it and awoke just in time for the most glorious sunrise over the […]

My Divine Comedy – Sintra, Portugal

About thirty miles outside of Lisbon exists a modern day fairytale town called Sintra. Perched high on a mountaintop this small quaint medieval town takes your breath away with its vast views of surrounding Portugal, its castles, and its infamous mansions.  I began my day in Sintra’s main square perusing the treasures at the local […]

Life is Beautiful – Seville, Spain

Watch out San Francisco, I may have left my heart in Seville! There are a million reasons to fall in love here. Winding labrynths with small ornate cafes and shops that lead to adorable central squares filled with hundreds of orange trees. The overly friendly Spanish people who are constantly smoking their cigars, sipping their […]


Growing with Colors – Portugal II

Today was really special. Not only was I able to dive deep into my love for art, but also see how cultures can shift through people sharing their gifts. I signed up for a street art tour of Lisbon and was brought to places I would had never explored on my own. The first stop […]

See the beauty of Lisbon!

My Own Personal Honeymoon – Portugal Part I

  The moment I touched down from India I had an itch to explore some more.  Something deep within me was telling me that I needed to go on a solo adventure to prove to myself that I could stand on my own, be independent, and fall in love with myself once more.  2016 was […]

painting at Beatle's ashram

10 Lessons I Learned In India

I love to write and this blog has given me the space to really internalize everything that I experienced on my journey here in India.  Throughout my trip, I would jot down little sayings, lessons, or moments that I held dear to write about later on when we would come back to our homestay and […]


“Everything is Beautiful” – Death and Purpose

Rishikesh completes the end of our trip in India and we are both so glad that we saved the best for last.  This small village is filled with wonder, spirituality, art, heart, and soul. Things move slower here…are cleaner here…and as the locals say “everything is beautiful.” There is such an appreciation for everything in […]


Imagine – They May Say I’m a Dreamer…

Today we woke up early to grab our flight up north to Rishikesh which is near the entry point to the Himalayan Mountains.  It is absolutely stunning here and quite possibly my favorite place so far.  Our hotel offers free meditation, yoga, spiritual walks in nature, and dips in the Ganges river to wash away […]


Taj Mahal and Nose Piercings…

Our drive from Jaipur to Agra didn’t seem like it took four hours.  I was hanging onto every last word my sister, Debbie, was telling me about our family history.  My parents were never ones to divulge much information about themselves or where they came from, so I marveled in the stories that helped explain […]


Gentle Giants and Feeling Lucky

  Our driver picked us up at 10am to go to the Elephant Camp, Dera Amer, about thirty minutes outside of Jaipur.  Closing in on the property, about ten elephants walked down the street with passengers in little baskets and beautiful paintings running down their trunks.  My heart jumped with joy and excitement!  We entered […]


NOT “Made in the USA”

  Debbie and I had two ladies at our homestay in Jaipur who recommended we go to City Palace and Amber Fort…two must sees.  Once arriving at these destinations (ones that Lonely Planet even said we could not miss out on), we were a bit miffed.  While they were beautiful, we did not feel a […]

kings tombs in Jaipur India

Pushkar to Jaipur – The Journey Continues!

  This morning was our last day at Orchard Tents in Pushkar and the entire staff saw us off for our next leg of our journey.  Before we departed Debbie and I found ourselves under the office veranda talking to the Manager of Hotel Orchard and Soloman (the lovely man that joined us for the […]


Cows, Monkeys, and Camels….Oh My!

  After a very long day of travel, Debbie and I arrived in Pushkar at about 8pm at night.  The grounds of Orchard Tents rests on over 32 acres of land and are home to fruit trees and beautiful vegetation.  It was lovely having some room to breathe, a space for serenity, and a spot […]


Same, Same But Different

  Awaking at 5am, Debbie and I showered and headed out the door for our sunrise boat ride on the Ganges.  Walking the same path that we had the night before, we met our tour guide, Ritu, and he helped us onto our rowboat with a young boy who was 11 years of age who […]


“Varanasi…”not a place to see, but a place to feel”

Why would someone want to travel halfway around the world to experience a place where people come to die?  I asked myself this same exact question and was fascinated by a city that brought together the entire life cycle from death and rebirth through ritual celebrations. It is one of the holiest and oldest cities […]


“If You Don’t Believe in God, Come to India….”

  Speeding past a million tuk tuk’s, buses, cars, and mopeds our driver sped through the madhouse they call streets with the precision of a true master.  Every car beeping their horn with all their might, using the lane markers only as suggestions, and coming inches from other vehicles.  My sister Debbie and I sat […]


Up, Up, and Away!

Arriving at JFK airport I was anxious and extremely excited for my upcoming adventure to India.  Asking the security guard where I could check in to Kuwait Airlines, he pointed a finger over to a line over a mile long.  Every other airline did not have a soul waiting, but so is my life as […]